GarageTown Del Camino Storage Condos are a new idea in warehouse space ownership. Structured as a condominium property each of the 84 units on the property is owned individually. All units have 15’ stackable height inside with 14’ clearance overhead doors at ground level. All units have electricity, heat and have fire sprinkler protection. All units are also wired for telephone, high speed data and cable. Some units have running water and sewer.

These units can be used for storage of motor homes, water craft, snowmobiles, campers, collector automobiles, retail inventory, small tools and equipment, tradesmen inventory and all those items you have stored in your garage that force you to park outside in winter. These units are ideal for people who live in controlled communities that forbid the outside storage of the items mentioned above.

Because this is an ownership property, you enjoy property appreciation not some landlord. Click to the page that contains photos of the property to see more about this very practical storage alternative.